As a pioneer in PFAS litigation, Taft brings over two decades of experience to the multifaceted legal issues presented by this ubiquitous set of chemicals. This experience ranges from upstream litigation against PFAS manufacturers to the defense of downstream claims against passive receivers of PFAS-containing materials, such as landfills and wastewater treatment facilities. As part of the firm’s national work in PFAS matters, we regularly track regulatory and legislative developments affecting PFAS on both a state and federal level, and advise a broad range of industries on how these legal developments may affect their business operations.

Taft attorney Rob Bilott led cutting-edge litigation that resulted in the discovery and public disclosure of the manmade “forever chemical” PFOA in drinking water supplies for approximately 70,000 people in West Virginia and Ohio. That discovery spurred national regulatory interest and investigation into PFOA and the filing in 2001 of the nation’s first class action litigation on behalf of individuals who had been unwittingly exposed to PFOA in their drinking water for decades from releases at a DuPont-owned facility in West Virginia. Building from this groundbreaking case, Rob has now taken leadership positions in PFAS lawsuits across the country. 

Complementing this work, Taft also has extensive experience representing downstream entities affected by the disposal of PFAS-containing materials in waste and wastewater. Specifically, we represent landfills and wastewater treatment facilities in both civil suits and regulatory enforcement actions against claims that their wastewater discharges are polluting downstream water sources. We have closely worked with environmental consultants on watershed studies; analyzing PFAS pretreatment options; evaluating wastewater treatment capabilities; conducting alternative source assessments; working on comments on the PFAS; Superfund listings; reviewing and drafting contract language to minimize a client’s exposure; and deposing many of the leading PFAS experts in the country.